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LiveTracker24 Power
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€199,00 EUR
LiveTracker24 v2 (0 Available)

LiveTracker24 v2 is a reliable tracking device coupled with an
innovative and easy to use service, adding security and fun to your activities.


  • Low mobile usage costs. It consumes 35Kb / hour

  • Sends the track to any online XC League automatically without the need of a PC

  • check Designed especially for LiveTrack24 service

  • check 2 sec updates of pilots position

  • check Send SOS messages with your coordinates to any group of people in case of emergency

  • The most easy device to use for live-tracking and works 100% perfect with server.

  • The pilot just has to turn it on and then off at landing (or if he has some kind of problem, press the SOS button).

  • Automatically sends the track after landing to any online XC contest.

  • Just needs a SIM card with GPRS traffic but uses very very little amount of data : a typical use is 20-50 kb / hour of flight.

  • Works remarkably well in areas where other devices or phones don't have good signal.

  • Internal GPS receiver with high accuracy so that the device can work even when inside a harness pocket, or inside the cockpit with no problem at all.

LiveTracker24 v2is more than a hardware device. GREAT SERVICE INCLUDED !!!

  • The Livetrack24 service gives you more than you though was possible

  • Live flight info - distance and bearing to nearest towns and villages & great for your retrieve driver - LIVE WEATHER REPORTS

  • Alert a group of people when in trouble Livetrack24 can send an SMS to the phone numbers you define with a text describing your problem and your current position.

  • SMS Send sms to friends and groups to organize the next flight.


  • Pilot's positions are reported back to the server with an accuracy of 2 secs, Your friends at the office can now see you climb that +8

  • UPLOAD TO ONLINE XC LEAGUES Your track is uploaded to any XC league you choose as soon as you land . No PC will ever be needed again.

A VIEW FOR EVERY NEED Your progress can be followed in many ways:

  • Google Earth in full 3D,

  • Google maps 3D for smooth 1 sec animations

  • Google maps 2D for older PC's

  • Text mode suitable for mobile phones and slow internet connections.
    Friends can track you via a simple phone. Everything they need is presented in simple and small text page

LiveTracker24 can be used for all outdoor activities like

Paragliding / hanggliding
you name it ...

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Extra Battery Pack 5000mah (0 Available)
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LiveTracker24 v1 (-1 Available)
LiveTracker24 is a reliable tracking device coupled with an innovative and easy to use service, adding security and fun to your activities.
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€169,95 EUR One Time

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